The Internet Customer Acquisition Network.

Technology Has Changed Everything,

But The Principals Remain The Same.

You Still Need To Promote Your Business


You Need To Communicate With Your Customers.

How Does Your Business Rank – Take This Questionnaire:

Can Your Website Be Viewed On A Mobile Device?

(If not, you are losing business.)

Is Your Website On The First Page Of Google?

(If not, you are losing business.)

Do You Have A Marketing Phone App.?

(To keep your customers loyal.)

Do You Communicate Via Email?

(You should be texting.)

Are You Updating Your Facebook Page Regularly?

(You should be.)

Do You Use QR Codes To Help Customers Find You?

( You should be.)

In Today’s World:

Social media sites, using  mobile technology,

The internet, are all fundamental forms

of advertising your business.

That You Can No Longer  Afford To Ignore.!

The Facts Are Simple:

Companies need to move with technology or get left behind.

You will lose your market share to your competitor who has.

THE I C A Network is a US based technology service company with products and services that will help increase your bottom line.

These products are solid and are well priced for the small business owner.

Let ICANetwork Take Care Of The Technology So You Can Focus On Your Business..




Comes with a 30 day free trial making it absolutely – 100% Risk Free. It has Unlimited Site Access, a business owner can modify content as often as required. There is Unlimited SMS Texting,  (only in USA) which is by far, the most effective communication/marketing tool to keep customers loyal to that business. (This is Huge). The app is easy to build, no techno knowledge required. But if you need help ICANetwork can build it for you. For a business to have their own app on a customer’s smart phone is worth gold. (this is the best marketing tool on the planet)

$39/mth – Learn More…





The yellow pages are rarely used by anyone, anymore. People now search the internet for everything their heart desires. Stats confirm that they’ll end up doing business with one of the first listings they see. A business needs to be on that first page or they are losing business. There are plenty of search engine optimization companies (SEO). But NO ONE does quite what ICANetwork does. They specialize in getting local businesses to the TOP of the “natural” results on GOOGLE®. Work is done manually every month to ensure a first page listing. Every procedure is 100% Google complaint. There is absolutely No automation performed. PLUS..The Phone App Is Included In The SEO Package.

Compare Cost Vs Benefit Chart: The ICAN price and product offering cannot be beat. This is ICANetwork’s Flagship Product.

$129/mth (setup $195) -Learn More..






You do it. If that website is not easily viewable – you leave it. Less than 50% of websites are mobile friendly! The market potential is Huge. Companies are now beginning to understanding that they are losing business. ICANetwork has unique software that converts to mobile friendly. This price and service is untouchable by ICANetwork competitors. – No templates are used, the richness of the site is maintained. – Changes made on the desktop website are reflected on mobile version.  – Ensured view ability with all current and future technology.

$295 One Time -Learn More…





Facebook Management Program is in beta testing

Launching April/May  2014

( final testing is going well.- More to come)




Virtual Business Card: Scan, business info., uploads into contacts, user taps confirm. Done!

Call Now: Scan, phone number, uploads into phone, user taps to call. How easy was that!

Not all QR code software generators work the same. In fact some hardly work at all. ICAN developed their own, and it works on ALL mobile platforms.

FREE – Learn More…





Michael T Glaspie

CEO and Founder of

The ICANetwork

Reviews The SEO Product

(SEO = Search Engine Optimization)



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