With So Many Scams
On The Internet
How Do You Know
If ICANget2 Is
Not A Scam.

Just Me Saying
"ICANget2 Is Not A Scam"
Should Not Be Enough.
You Need To Check Out The
ICANget2 Business Opportunity
For Your Self.

Start With Learning About:
ICANetwork, The Company That Owns

Now It Is Time
To Rethink Network Marketing

Why Join ICANget2  

1) Low Cost
$15 a month makes this program available to everyone.
2) Time Commitment 
How much time and effort is required to get two people. This tips the scale when people are deciding if they should join.
3) Credit Card Is Not Charged. 
Once commissions equal the monthly cost, the credit card is no longer charge. Making the cancel rate next to none. (If ICANGet2 was a scam then for sure they would be charging credit cards)
4) Additional Income Streams
Optional Programs will be introduced, with an overlay of the matrix structure creating an instant downline  and income. (brilliant) 
4) Program Is Owned By ICANetwork
The ICANetwork is based in the USA. Their mission is to continually launch new and innovated products, such as I CAN Get 2   This company will not disappear off the internet. Good to know that the checks will just keep coming. ICANetwork is not a scam and they created ICANGet2
About Us 

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5) 60% Payout With A Pay Plan That You Can Understand.
This is a very high payout rate. Most programs on the Internet have what we call a High Brokerage Rate,  as the average person will never reach the level to earn that vacation trip, fancy car or make big money. These companies  only pay out a small fraction of their payment plan.  ICANget2  developed their program to pay out 60%, which is high in network marketing. Compensation Plan Details….
6) Product And Training
The ICANetwork  phone app regular price is $39 a month.  It  has unlimited SMS texting and can receive a reply. It is a 5 page mini mobile website, that can be modified to promote any product or business. It is unique in all the world.  The monthly webinars are hosted by people who have found success on the internet and will explain how it was achieved.

I hope that now you are able to see that ICANget2 is not a scam, but in fact a great business opportunity with the I Can get 2 in 24 hour challenge  with the Polaris Group.