You Can Build Your
Custom Smart Phone App
Have Us Do It For You.

Building Your Mobile Phone App Is Pretty
Easy To Do. (No Techno Knowledge Required,
if you can copy, cut/paste, resize some
photos, then you are pretty much done!)

Once you have purchased the Marketing Phone App,
you will receive a welcome letter and an
offer regarding their service, to build
the 6 page mobile website with your business
content. This service is for customers who
are too busy, have no idea what to do,
or just simply cannot be bothered to
build the phone app.

The cost of the ICANetwork optional
service is $150.00.

ICANetwork did not include this cost
as they understands that some companies
will have their own in-house IT staff
and therefore should not be penalized
with this setup charge. Many small business
use this service. (Ask the salesrep who
sold you the phone app, they could do
this less than the price that corporate charges).

You will receive an Account Key and Password w
hich will give you access to the Advertiser
Back Office, once the account has been opened.
This is the place where you can manage the
contents of your App & Mobile Website.
Simply follow the fill-in-the-blanks,
point and click Web-based interface.
You will able to easliy update the content
of your App & Mobile Web pages.
Uploading the images is also done here.

The businesses with a little computer
'know how' can easily build their own
custom mobile apps. ICANetwork has made it
very easy to do. Below is a video and some
documentation that will walk you through the process.

We suggest that you watch and read the
information below, even if you are going
to have someone build this website for you.
It will make you aware of what is required
and give you a better understanding of the
information that you need to supply to
that person who is going to build your
custom phone app for you. (chances are you
will end up with what you  wanted - the first time)

Before you start to build your phone app,
it is a good idea to first gather all
the information, photos or graphics that
you would like to load onto your app.

Think of the information that you would
print on an advertising brochure, that
is the kind of detail information that
you should consider putting on your custom mobile app.


still confused - contact us - we can help.

Michael T Glaspie

CEO and Founder of

The ICANetwork

Speaks On The Phone App Product.

The ICANetwork Polaris Group

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