Founder of The ICANetwork,
Mr. Michael T Glaspie

Mr. Glaspie is know as "Mike G" on the internet.

Mike G Quoted:
"We are the Only Company on the Planet that does what we do. We OWN The Market. You can be Proud and Confident to Respresent our Customer Acquisition Services. The best part.. You don't need to know squat about the internet marketing to prosper with us."

Mike G has been on the net since ’97, and owns and operates a number of successful websites.

List below are just a few of them:
…..and many more.

In total Mikes has over 60 different websites and order forms on the net, and his personal email database is between 400,000 and 500,000 members, customers, and subscribers, which grows by a whopping 3,000 to 5,000 new, (I emphasize that word ‘new’,) people every single week.

This is done mostly thru the CPA networks, (Cost Per Action networks), where he pays $2.25 to for each person who requests a copy of my now world-famous, over one million given away, “I have a gift for you” CD. And, to my knowledge, and no one else has stepped forward, Mike is the only person on the internet who has ever put more than ten thousand paying members into a monthly paying program, no one else has even come close. Point of fact, to my knowledge, Mike is the only one that has ever put five thousand people into a single paying program and has two other monthly paying programs where he is just about at that level with right now.

Mike G knows how to do this stuff and he is good at it.

He is also the Chairman and Founder of Webnet International, which ranks among the largest-privately, held Internet service companies in the United States. He is the creator of Spam Terminator, a downloadable desktop utility, which was one of the first of its kind in the 1990’s. Block Spam Now was launched in 2002 for retail distribution of Terminator.

Mr. Glaspie has also created Mysiteinc, an online service brand. The URL for was registered in 1999 which is now a capital generating website. In 2000 he launched BannersGoMLM, which now has over 50 million unique visitors per month to its site, making it one of the leading banner sites globally.

Mike has also served in public office as an elected Trustee in his home community and has also served as President of the Michigan Rental Housing Association.

Glaspie’s marketing success has led him to publish a number of best-selling books. He is also known to have created a number of marketing boot camps and instructional audio books.

Mike’s newest business is The ICANetwork.  Products includes: Search Engine Optimization- first page Google, Custom Phone App, Go-Mobile, Facebook Management Program and  Free QR codes that work on all mobile devices. 

Mike G is building this company to take it public. This is on track to happen is about 3 years. 

 This is A REAL Part Time or Full Time Business You Can Be Proud to Be a BIG Part of. Make No Mistake About ICANetwork. You Don’t Need to KNOW SQUAT About Marketing Online to Make All the Income You Desire.

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