ICANetwork First Page Ranking,
Is A Must In Order To Survive
In This Age Of Technology

ICANetwork takes advantage of 21 different techniques to get you to the top of Google®. -and keep you there. Therefore it should be no surprise that the ICANetwork creates YouTube videos as part of their search engine optimization strategy.  Depending on the competition in your local market within your business category up to 12 videos may be created. You are encouraged to work with the ICANetwork support staff by sending pictures and information regarding your business that can be used in the video creation.

The ICANetwork’s Guarantee is to put you, and keep you on that first page of Google® with your keywords and guarantee that within 90 days if you are not on that first page –you do not pay again until you are. This is not a ‘pay per click ad’, this is genuine organic search results based on your keywords. 

ICANetwork closely monitors Google® and will know within hours of any rule changes that have been made. If necessary, immediate adjusts are put into action or a new optimization technique is investigated. (Many companies do not bother to do this.)

Maintenance is done on the website every month, to ensure first page ranking. All the work that is done by the Internet Customer Acquisition Network is done manually and is in compliance with the Google® logarithms. Your site will never be blacklisted by Google®.

The cost is a onetime setup of $195 which includes the first month. The price then drops to $129/mth. ICANetwork are so confident in their price and customer service that there is No Contract to sign, you may cancel at any time.
As A Bonus: the ICANetwork SEO product comes with the ICAN custom phone app. This phone app is a 6 page mini mobile website which includes unlimited SMS texting and this site can be modified at any time. 

Every month you will receive confirmation of your Google® ranking. -The ICANetwork want you to be confident in their customer service in being able to deliver what they claim.