Understand Why You Should
Be Using the ICANetwork
Free QR Codes

Not all QR code software generators work the same.

In fact some hardly work at all. We’ve developed our own, and it is solid across ALL mobile platforms. This is all our own code. We did not piecemeal it together from junk off the net.

Place your QR codes in the store window. Make them poster size. Display on your advertising literature, website, menu, or even on your business card!

No Expiry Date, No Hidden Costs, and No Tricks.

There is no limit to number of QR Codes that you can create!
Do you have a QR CODE READER loaded on your smart phone? Not yet! -- Then we have some recommendations for you.

You have the option of ordering a COLOR QR CODE (stand out against the crowd)

You are talking to someone who is interested in your services. You each pull out your smart phones; you display your QR code, the prospect scans that code from your smart phone. The prospect must tap to confirm your information. Once that has been done your business information is now loaded into that prospects contact list.

What a great way to save on your printing costs. Never again will you have to try reading that business card that went through the laundry. Or worse, have no idea where that card went.

Save your friends and family from the frustration of having to manually load your phone number and mailing address. You should create a QR code with just your personal information on it.

This feature is really cool and makes phoning so easy. No more fumble fingers. When scanned this QR code will automatically launch a smartphone’s “Phone” feature and preload your phone number so that all the user needs to do is tap “Call” on their phone to immediately dial your number!

By making  it easier for customer/prospects to get in touch with you can only help increase your sales. We may  have just  solved the biggest problem with those small screens and keyboards. 

This QR code type is very basic but is the most essential.

The internet is forever changing, the world has gone mobile & you must embrace this technology or get left behind and lose customers to your competition.

The QR code is by far the most effective way to easily take prospects to your website.
QR codes are now becoming very popular, as they are  the fastest way to get a user to every kind of website.

Reasons to create QR codes is really limited only to the imagination.
Do you have something for sale or are you looking to buy something. Create a QR code and send prospects to find out more information on your request.
Are you a restaurant? -You could create QR codes for weekly specials to bring in more customers.
Are you in manufacturing? QR codes can easily direct customers to the warranty information, product specifications or send them to the setup instructions?

An ICANetwork QR codes can easily be printed on the packaging, promo items, even price tags.

Regardless of the type of business that you are in, you need to make QR codes a part of your advertising.