Mobile Optimization Review
Of ICANetwork's
GoMobile Product

Originally if a website was to be converted to ‘mobile friendly’ just about everything was stripped out and they had to go with some basic items. The mobile site was virtually a shadow, -a poor imitation, or simply stated another way an apparition of their primary desktop version.

This is not true anymore. The ICANetwork own some very unique software that can reformat and make just about any website "mobile friendly". (-NO templates are used -ever !)

This special software which is aided by technical support very efficiently takes a website and converts it to be mobile optimized, and -not!- change the richness and fullness of the desktop version.

For instance, a desktop graphic may be 680 dpi(dots per inch) which is not required on a small screen. The ICAN software reduces that down by about 90%. Still very rich, & viewable.

Most desktop websites have lines with more than a dozen words, To mobile optimize that website, those lines need to be shortened. ICANetwork does not remove the words, the paragraph will just get deeper.

The ICANetwork hosts the mobile website versions are several servers. Every website will have several different versions each based on the different mobile technology.

When the conversion is complete ICANetwork will send the business owner a small piece of code that needs to get loaded onto the website. When a prospect lands on that website, this code will detect the type of mobile device being used and then direct the correct mobile version to display.

Most changes that are made on the desktop site are reflected on the mobile site.

ICANetwork is truly are a technology service company, as they will ensure that your website remains mobile friendly with future technology.

The price, an awesome onetime price of $295. This offer is just amazing.

FYI: When the ICANetwork mobile product was first introduced, there was an annual maintenance fee. Not any more!!

Michael Glaspie
The CEO/Founder
OF ICANetwork
Speaks On
Mobile Optimization