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Business Opportunity

We are a group of entrepreneurs known as the Polaris Group.

We own several income generating websites, we are  Founders in Sokule,  and Partners with the ICANetwork.

We are a successful group of marketers who have come together to support our customers and sales team.

Finding financial success on the internet is next to impossible, especially if you are working alone.

Like you, we have been looking (for years) to find a program that is a 100% legitimate, has a real product that is in demand, will not disappear off the internet and has the capability to earn some nice money - With Minimal Effort.

To earn a good commission from any network marketing program usually requires a huge number of people.

The ONLY WAY to bet these huge numbers is to band together.

So.. we created the "I CAN Get 2 In 24 Hours Challenge"
- A process that is EASY TO DO.

The question most often asked with our 24 Hour Challenge is:
How Long Will It Take My Down Line To Fill.

But The Truth Is… That Does Not Matter
Once your credit card reaches $15 in commissions your card is no longer charged.

This is one of the biggest reasons we picked ICANGet2.
For Complete Details, Please Visit:
Why ICANGet2

-Most everything on the internet is, in some form or another.

Think of this as selling two $15 raffle tickets to your friends and the prize are monthly commission checks that just keep coming.

When you are selling your 'tickets', make sure you send them to the ICANGet2Team site so that they will understand the concept of having to get 2 people.

Once you sell at least two 'tickets'. You are done!

Time is on our side as each month that income will grow, you are not be charged a cent and all you did was sponsor two people.

For such a small one time investment in time and money, take that leap of faith that every “ticket” will be a winner!

In fact, don't leap - Do The Math, this works!

We Invite You To Join With Us.

Together, we are changing the concept of network marketing.