Product Review:

ICANetwork Mobile Optimization 

The Trend Is Clear, You Need To Move With Mobile Technology
You Will Lose Market Share. If your website is not ‘mobile-friendly’ your traffic will LEAVE !!
There is No Doubt About It –  YOU NEED TO BE MOBILE READY?

The ICANetwork can mobile optimize your site so that it may be easily seen in a very friendly, easy flowing format for every mobile application. 

There is no automation used in this process. 

The ICANetwork trained staff use some very unique software and can very efficiently take any website and make it mobile optimized without changing the richness and fullness of the site. Server access to the website is not required and no templates are used in the process.

The type of website does not matter. The ICANetwork can render affiliate links, even network marketing links. And more commonly, a full-blown comprehensive website. Every website is a unique, it makes no difference to the ICANetwork. (The Internet Customer Acquisition Network.)

How Much Does This ICANetwork Product Cost? 
There is a one-time cost of $295US with No annual maintenance fee. (When this ICANetwork product was first launched – there was a maintenance fee, but it has been discontinued) To review:

Lets Review This ICANetwork Product
-One time charge,
-will remain mobile optimized with future technology,
-no automation
-guaranteed certified to be Google Mobile Ready (will pass the Google mobile test)