The Different Types Of
Phone Apps Explained

There are basically 3 types of apps.
1- Games App
2- Tool App
3- Marketing App. 

The Tools Apps are the kind of apps that smartphone users load on their phone to book travel with airlines, manage their stock portfolio, check the weather, manage their prescriptions, all kinds of things, there are thousands of examples.

The Games Apps, this is the fun app, but to tell the truth some of these apps are just plain silly. For example, I just heard of an app that when you install it and press the play tab it just makes the sound of a fart!-that's silly. *Side note, that app has been downloaded over one million times. (Who would have guessed that?).

The Marketing App, that's us. ICANetwork own the market. We are unique in all the world with this product. All of our clients receive QR codes, unique links to their app. to hand out to their customers, members, subscribers, prospects, so they can easily upload the app. to their mobile device. Our business marketing app. also provides a QR code for customers to opt in to receive specials or informational announcements via text, or get this.. yes, even via email.